Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship gifts help ensure geographic diversity, enabling Salzburg Global to reflect its mission and the changing balance of influence and power in the world. Scholarships provide opportunities for young leaders from emerging countries to take part in Salzburg Global Seminar programs, to develop global networks, and to share the ideas and creativity of a rising generation. They provide a means for rising leaders to gain early experience of the benefits of collaborative problem solving over narrow self-interest.

  • Endowed Scholarships, $100,000, provide ongoing support for participants who need financial help in order to take part in Salzburg Global Seminar programs. An Endowed Scholarship gift of $100,000 will generate approximately $5,000 in scholarship support annually, with the expectation that the endowed funds will grow over time and be able to support larger scholarships in future years.
  • Current-Use Scholarships, $5,000 and up, provide scholarship support for immediate use. Current-use scholarships, which cover all costs for at least one Fellow to participate in a Salzburg Global program, begin at $5,000. Gifts of larger amounts allow for more participants to receive scholarship support. 

To learn more about making a scholarship gift, please contact Jenny L. Williams, Director of the Inspiring Leadership Campaign, at or +1 (202) 637-7682.