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Nov 04, 2020
by Benjamin Glahn
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Thank You for Your Commitment

Nov 04, 2020
Benjamin Glahn

Salzburg Global Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Benjamin Glahn, thanks friends and supporters for backing Benjamin Glahn is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Salzburg Global Seminar

Dear Friends,

We are grateful to have received so many responses to Stephen Salyer and Clare Shine’s messages this week, including emails, social media posts, phone calls, and financial contributions. Your support means so much to all of us at Salzburg Global Seminar, and your engagement is an important reminder of how much Salzburg Global means to so many people around the world.

This year has been full of uncertainty, challenge, and reinvention for all of us, and your generous contributions – especially in times like these – demonstrate the resounding commitment of our Fellows and friends to support our work. Thank you.

For those who have not yet made a contribution to our appeal, it’s not too late!

As we continue to reinvent our programs and adapt to the current age of social distancing, the fundamental importance of building global networks, enabling cross-border collaboration, and catalyzing progress to shape a more creative, just, and sustainable world, has never been more apparent.

The turmoil of 2020 has demonstrated that numerous challenges still lay ahead, but the extraordinary resilience of our staff and community of Fellows to adapt and thrive in the midst of crisis gives us hope for the future.

To realize this brighter future, however, we need your support now more than ever. Please donate here to ensure Salzburg Global Seminar can continue to help launch the brightest careers and the boldest ideas that will shape a better world for all of us.

Stephen and Clare join me in sending our thanks and best wishes.

Stay safe and healthy!

P.S. We appreciate and recognize this has been a tough year. But if you're in a position to give, no matter how small, your donation will go a long way toward supporting Salzburg Global fulfill its mission of challenging current and future leaders to shape a better world. Thank you for your generosity!