Empower our Fellows to find bold and innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing issues through our programs.

War. Genocide. Famine. Climate change. Pandemics. Inequality. Financial collapse. For all the progress and prosperity that the world has seen since 1947, we face evermore complex challenges in a rapidly changing world. Salzburg Global connects people and institutions with a passion for tackling tough problems, finding innovative solutions, and ultimately shaping a better world.

The work starts in Salzburg, but it doesn’t end here.

Our programs have long inspired Fellows to initiate bold new projects upon their return home. Working with carefully selected partners, we now embed in every program the opportunity to discuss and design downstream solutions. With the help of new micro-grants, collaboration among Fellows and partner institutions will produce initiatives ranging from grassroots projects to high-level policy proposals. Whether fighting prejudice in post-conflict societies, revitalizing economically-deprived cities, or spreading low-cost/high-impact health care solutions, multi-year Salzburg Global partnerships will generate long-term action for impact.

Through Inspiring Leadership: The Campaign for Salzburg Global Seminar, we will support program research and development, seed Fellows’ pilot projects, and finance new institutional collaborations.

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